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Simple fun:   Type in ‘Zerg Rush’ into Google’s Search Box & press enter. Allow the search results to come up and wait a few seconds. Witness the magic. Advertisements

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Molten Chocolate Lava Cakes for Two

Simply said, I wanted to bake something sweet for my sweet. I’m not a chocolate lover, but these molten chocolate lava cakes were good. Serve with fresh whipped cream or a dollop of ice cream (my favorite of the two: simpler … Continue reading

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Japanese Tofu Steak

¼ c soy sauce 2 tbs sugar 2 tbs mirin 2 cloves garlic (you can substitute with ½ tsp garlic powder) 1 tsp fresh ginger (you can substitute with ½ tsp ginger powder) ½ tsp chile pepper flakes (amount depends … Continue reading

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Shiba Rocket

Here’s a photo of my lovely Shiba, Momo, running around last summer. Reminds you of warmer days and lots of sunshine, doesn’t it?  

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At Home Ramen

I’m not a cup ramen girl. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten a Maruchan, no matter how cute (or addicting from the MSG) it may be. It’s probably all thanks to my mother. My mother, who is one of my … Continue reading

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Smoked Salmon on Crispy Wonton Triangles

There’s something immensely comforting about finger foods. Whether it’s dipping oven roasted fish sticks in chipotle ranch dressing or biting down on a simple grilled cheese sandwich, I love finger foods. Oftentimes, I like making a quick meal out of … Continue reading

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Christmas Card

Christmas Card

Had a busy time making a special Christmas card for a special someone. 🙂 How was your holiday season?

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